There are a few different concepts to share calendars with fruux for different use cases.

1) Personal Calendars
With personal sharing, each person that you want to share a calendar with, will also need a fruux account. You have full control and are able to give one person read/write access and another person just read-only access. The persons you are sharing with will have access to your calendar in their fruux account and it will also automatically sync with any devices they have set up in their fruux account.

The process to setup such a "personal share" is as follows:

  • Go to
  • Click the "cogwheels" icon behind the calendar that you want to share (in the list on the left).
  • Type the email address of the other person into the "Shared with" box.
  • Leave the drop-down at "Read/write" or change it to "Read-only".
  • Click "Add".
Now the person that you invited into your calendar will get an invitation email. To join your calendar they'll simply have to log-in to their fruux account and click "Accept" on the invitation banner. That's it.

2) Public Calendars
With public calendar you have the ability to easily share your calendar with a multitude of people, or add the calendar to your web site. Public calendars are always just read-only and everybody who know the public link, will be able to access the calendar.

To publish a calendar, you'll have to go through the following easy steps:

  • Go to
  • Click the "cogwheels" icon behind the calendar that you want to share (in the list on the left).
  • Click the "Publish calendar" button.
  • Now give the "Public calendar" link to anyone you want to share the calendar with.
  • You may also preview your public calendar, by clicking "Open".
Visitors of your public calendar will now be able to look at the calendar in their browser or add the calendar feed to their calendar applications by clicking the "Subscribe" button on your calendar page.

It's also quite easy to add and embed a public calendar on your own website, if you'd like.

3) Team calendars
If you set up a team in fruux, the team may own calendars of it's own. Those can be shared with every (or some) team members are a best suited for "global thing", for example a Holiday calendar or an Absence calendar.

4) Calendar delegation
If you are a member of a fruux team, you may also "delegate" your calendar to another person. Delegation is e.g. used for secretaries, back offices or people that help you manage your calendar when you are on holiday. You may only delegate your calendar to someone who's in the same fruux team as you are and the person you are delegating to will have access to all of your calendars and not just a specific one.

Enabling delegation works as follows:

  • Click on your Avatar icon in the top right.
  • Select "Delegation" in the dropdown menu.
  • Add a new user in the "My delegates" box. Names of your team members will autocomplete.
  • Select if you want them to just have "Read-only" or full "Read/write" access.
  • Click "Add".