Adding a calendar to your website is quite easy. You'll just have to set up a public calendar and then add a little code snippet to your website. We've described that in a blog post about public calendars.

You may also customize your public calendar with the following parameters. Right now there is no user interface that helps you customize the public calendar code snippet, but you can already do this manually by appending parameters to the URL of your public calendar. We support the following parameters:

  • calendarView: month, list, week, day
  • dateFormat: DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY
  • startOfWeek : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (0=Sun, 1=Mon, ..., 6=Sat)
  • timeFormat : 12, 24
  • timezone: Europe/Berlin (If not present, the visitors timezone is detected. So in general you should not add this)
  • selectedDate: YYYY-MM-DD
If a parameter is not present, the default will be used.

Here's a customized example for the calendar that's embedded on our homepage: